Who the hell is Jordan Blum?

“Jordan Blum is an eccentric, sarcastic, and overly critical bastard who likes to write in the third person.” – Anonymous

Okay, now for the serious…

I earned my MFA in Fiction in 2011 and I currently teach at several colleges, which is both a blessing and a curse (as any professor will tell you). I like to incorporate a variety of artistic forms into my courses in an attempt to explore how creative minds use their mediums for social commentary. I’m also a professional music journalist, and my specialty is Progressive Rock. I write for the following publications: Delusions of Adequacy, Examiner, Sea of Tranquility, Popmatters, Progression Magazine, Rock Society Magazine, and Rebel Noise. I’m also a contributor to The Lit Pub. Musically, I work under the pseudonym Neglected Spoon. My first album will be out as soon as I kick myself in the ass enough to create it. Finally, I’m the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Bookends Review, an online literary/multimedia journal. We publish every Monday and release a ‘Best of’ print anthology at the end of every year. Please, check us out!

Please feel free to contact me via email (JordanBlum87@yahoo.com) or through Facebook. And thanks for being here 🙂

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